Southeast University (SEU), located at Nanjing, the ancient capital city of six dynasties, is a prestigious institution of higher learning renowned both at home and abroad. As one of the national key universities under direct administration of the Ministry of Education of China and jointly established with Jiangsu Province, it is also listed as one of the universities involved in National “Project 211” and “Program 985” financed by the Central Government to build world-class universities. In 2017, SEU was ranked on the list of constructing “Class A first-rate world universities”.  

SEU, as one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in China with profound cultural heritage, its origin can be traced back to 1902 when it was founded as Sanjiang Normal College, then known as Liangjiang Normal College, Nanjing Higher Normal School, State Southeast University and State Central University, etc.. In 1952 when national colleges and universities greatly adjusted their departments and disciplines, e.g., moving out literature and science disciplines, based on the College of Engineering of the original State Central University, relevant disciplines of Fudan University, Chiao Tung University, Zhejiang University and University of Nanking etc. were incorporated successively to establish Nanjing Institute of Technology on the original site of State Central University. In May 1988, the university was renamed to Southeast University. In April 2000, a new Southeast University was established in combination with Nanjing Railway Medical College, Nanjing College of Communications and Nanjing Geological School. In the past 120-year school management, SEU, in the spirit of patriotism and concerning people all over the world, has been always making unyielding efforts in pursuit of prominence to achieve scientific progress and national rejuvenation. With time goes by, the school has gradually shaped its outstanding school spirit of “rigor, truthfulness, unity and diligence”, the school management philosophy of “being renowned for science and serving the country with talents”, and the school motto of “striving for perfection”.

Currently, SEU has set up 33 departments with 77 bachelor’s degree programs, 33 disciplines authorized to confer PhD Degree and 49 disciplines authorized to confer Master’s Degree. Among the full-time 30,664 students, there are 16,128 undergraduate students and 14,536 graduate students including 1989 overseas students, among which, 1547 study for different academic degrees. Right now, SEU has three campuses, respectively, Sipailou Campus, Jiulonghu Campus and Dingjiaqiao Campus, covering an area of 5888mu (1mu = 666.7 m2) in total, among which, Jiulonghu Campus covers an area of 3752.35mu with the total building area of 789,700m2. The school’s library covers an area of 66,900m2, compromising 4.4 million volume of books of all sorts. In addition, the school has also set up Wuxi Branch and Suzhou Campus.  

SEU is a comprehensive research-oriented university with a focus on engineering while covering many other disciplines such as philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, medicine, management and art, etc.. Among others, 11 disciplines have been listed as national “double first-class” construction disciplines and 5 disciplines obtain A+ in the fourth round of disciplinary assessment, both ranked at No. 8 at the national level; 11 disciplines are ranked among top 1% of ESI internationally, in which, engineering is listed at No. 25 with computer science at No. 22. Both disciplines are ranked among top 1% of ESI internationally. Meanwhile, the school highlights 3 national key laboratories, 4 national engineering research centers, 2 national engineering technology research centers, 1 national professional laboratory, 11 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 6 engineering research centers of the Ministry of Education, 30 postdoctoral research centers and 2 key high-end think tanks of Jiangsu Province.

SEU features a high-level faculty comprising 2,899 full-time teachers, including 2434 teachers with PhD degree, 1959 teachers with senior and sub-senior titles, 987 doctoral student supervisors and 2,094 graduate student supervisors. In addition, there’re also 11 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 academician of the Academy of Europe, 13 members of the 7th discipline review troupe of the State Council Academic Committee, 37 experts involved in the national “Ten Thousands Talents Program”, 62 professors involved in “Cheung Kong Scholar Rewarding Program”, 6 winners of the national awards for renowned teachers, 5 renowned teachers involved in the “Ten Thousands Talents Program”, 46 persons granted with funds from the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, 24 national-level candidates for “Millions of Talents Program” initiated by the Ministry of Personnel and 2 persons titled as “National Top 10 Youth Jurisconsults”. SEU is right now intensifying its strategy of building a powerful school by talents and endeavoring to promote the “high-end staff multiplication plan” so as to accelerate its progress of constructing a top-ranking staff team.  

SEU features high reputation for its education. Considering talent cultivation as its fundamental assignment, the school has cultivated 330,000 talents of all sorts for the country and the society. Meanwhile, a batch of meritorious elites surge out. Over 200 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering once worked or studied at SEU. Up to now, the school is one of the first-batch national demonstration institutions of higher learning to implement the innovative and entrepreneurial education reform, and also one of the first-batch comprehensive pilot institutions of higher learning to implement the “cultivation mode with full forces and covering full processes in an all-round way”. Up to now, five majors have been enrolled as nationalcomprehensive reform pilot projects with 23 majors enrolled as national characteristic specialties, 36 first-batch national quality resource sharing courses, 11 national quality online courses, 8 national experiment teaching demonstration centers and construction points, and 3 national virtual simulation experiment teaching centers. In 2018, 50 candidates were selected as members of the newly-elected National Teaching Steering Committee, including 3 candidates for chairman and 10 candidates for vice chairman. Besides, the school has established 12 national innovation experiment areas for implementing talent cultivation mode and 12 national engineering practice and education centers. 11 teams have been elected as national teaching innovation teams. Thanks to these efforts, SEU has won the first prize for national teaching achievement for successive four times (once every four years), in which, it was granted 9 national teaching achievement awards in 2018, ranked third among institutions of higher learning in China. In the new era, the school persists in cultivating talents with lofty morality, inheriting fine traditions, keeping pace with the time, making constant breakthrough and reshaping the talent-cultivation objectives so as to cultivate leading talents highlighting patriotism, international view and the ambition of leading the future and thus benefiting the human beings.

SEU is an important base for scientific research and radiation in China. The school persists in the combination of production, study and research. In 2018, the school has received the research funding of RMB 2.541 billion, applied for 2,848 invention patents with 1,437 approved, and 103 PCT patents. Among others, the quantity of invention patents as approved was ranked third in China. In addition, papers enrolled by SCI and EI were listed inthe front rank amongnational colleges and universities. From 2011 to 2018, the school took the lead in obtaining 27 national science and technology awards, including 1 first prize for national technology inventions in 2011 and 1 first prize for national science and technology progress in 2014. In recent years, the school has participated in several major projects, such as “Mission Moon”, “Three Gorges Project”, “500-meter Radio Telescope”, Beijing Sub-center, Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, High-speed Rail Technology, Antarctic Scientific Investigation, South China Sea Island and Wireless Charging, etc.. In the latest five years, the school took the lead in obtaining 11 awards for outstanding achievements in university humanities and social sciences as granted by the Ministry of Education. At present, Southeast University is endeavoring to create a high-level scientific and technological innovation pattern to better serve the country's major development strategies.

SEU, as one of the most active universities in China for international exchanges and cooperation, has maintained close cooperation and exchanges with multiple world-class universities and high-level research institutions such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of California at Berkeley, University of British Columbia, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, ETHZ, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Technical University of Munich, Catholic University of Leuven, Australia Monash University and Tokyo Institute of Technology,etc.. In particular, in 2017, Southeast University initiated the establishment of the “Sino-British University Engineering Education and Research Consortium”, which is the first university consortium of its kind between China and UK with engineering education and research as the highlight. Then 9 prestigious British universities including Queen's University Belfast, University of Birmingham, Cambridge University, Cardiff University, University of Leeds, University of Liverpool, University College London, University of Nottingham and Warwick University joined the Consortium. The school also cooperated with Australia Monash University in establishing Southeast University-Monash University Suzhou Joint Graduate School, which is the first Sino-foreign joint graduate school of its kind approved by the Ministry of Education. Besides, the school cooperated with Université de Rennes 1 to establish Southeast University-Rennes 1 Graduate School. As a whole, Southeast University is accelerating its formation of a comprehensive and high-level international exchange and cooperation pattern covering focused, multi-level and wide fields at the direction of “internationally high-end positioning, substantial cooperation and leading development”.

When marching into the new century, SEU will persist in the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era led by President Xi Jinping as the guidance,adhere to and practice the school motto of “striving for perfection”, establish the “first-class” awareness, center on first-rate objectives, implement top-ranking standards, stick to cutting-edge and service strategies, consider staff-students orientation and talents in priority to promote the integration of multi-disciplines, combination of science, engineering, literal art and medicine, combination of production, study and research as well as international alliance, deepened comprehensive reform in an all-round way, endeavor to realize major breakthroughs in terms of talent cultivation, scientific research, staff team construction and international cooperation, etc.. It is expected to develop SEU to be a world-ranking university with vivid Chinese characteristics and its own distinctive features to the satisfaction of people. In this sense, it can make outstanding contributions to realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and promoting the progress and advancement of human civilization. 

(Updated in March 2019,