(2024-06-19) Seminar: Hongbao Zhang (张宏宝) -- Covariant Phase Space and Dynamical Black Hole Entropy


张宏宝  教授学术报告

Title: Covariant Phase Space and Dynamical Black Hole Entropy

Speaker: Hongbao Zhang  (张宏宝)

Affiliation: Department of Physics, Beijing Normal  University(北京师范大学物理系

Time: 16:00-17:00, Wednesday, 19th June, 2024 (UTC+8, Beijing Time)

Venue: Room 1502, Shing-Tung Yau Center, Yifu Architecture Building, Sipailou Campus of Southeast University, Nanjing


Inviter: Zhengwen Liu (刘正文)


In this talk, I will present the very recent advance in our understanding of the  black hole entropy in the dynamical setting, where I will also talk about our contribution to it. I will conclude my talk with some potential future directions along this lane.


Professor Hongbao Zhang is a faculty member in the Department of Physics at Beijing Normal University (BNU). He completed his undergraduate studies at BNU, obtained his MSc from Peking University, and received his PhD through a joint program involving NBU, Perimeter Institute, and University of Waterloo in Canada. He has conducted postdoctoral research at Crete Center for Theoretical Physics in Greece, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and The International Solvay Institutes in Belgium. His current research interests focus on the application of numerical relativity in AdS/CFT correspondence and astrophysics, and the covariant phase space formalism in field theories including gravity.