(2024-04-11) Seminar: Rong-Xin Miao (苗荣欣) -- Casimir effect and holographic dual of wedges


苗荣欣 副教授学术报告

Title: Casimir effect and holographic dual of wedges

Speaker: Rong-Xin Miao (苗荣欣)

Affiliation:Sun Yat-Sen University (中山大学)

Time: 16:00-17:00, Thursday, April 11th, 2024 (UTC+8, Beijing Time)

Venue: Zoom Meeting (ID: 385 442 0225; Passcode: yauc)

Inviter:Hai Lin (林海)


This talk discusses the Casimir effect of a wedge and its holographic dual. We prove that the wedge Casimir effect is universally determined by the displacement operator in smooth limit. Besides, we argue that the wedge Casimir energy increases with the opening angle. Furthermore, we construct the holographic dual of wedges in AdS/BCFT in general dimensions. We verify that our proposal can produce the correct smooth limit. Next, we discuss the wedge contribution to holographic entanglement entropy and find it increases with the opening angle, similar to the wedge Casimir energy. Finally, we conclude with some open questions.



苗荣欣,中山大学物理与天文学院副教授。南开大学本科,2014年于中国科学技术大学获得博士学位,随后在德国马普引力所和中国台湾清华大学做博士后,2018年加入中山大学。在PRLJHEPPRD等杂志发表论文四十余篇,inspire引用一千余次,近年来主要成果是发现了边界附近的外尔反常电流,构造了一系列边界场论的引力对偶(AdS/BCFT)和双全息模型。研究领域为量子纠缠与量子引力(It from Qubit)量子场论的边界效应及其全息对偶(AdS/BCFT),外尔反常及其物理应用(Weyl anomaly),修改引力理论(Modified gravity)和黑洞熵(Black hole entropy)。


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Meeting ID: 385 442 0225

Passcode: yauc