(2024-01-12) Seminar: Jinzhao Wang (王今朝)--Black hole information puzzle and quantum de Finetti theorem


王今朝 博士学术报告

Title: Black hole information puzzle and quantum de Finetti theorem

Speaker: Jinzhao Wang王今朝

Affiliation: Stanford University (斯坦福大学)

Time:14:00-15:00, Friday, 12th January, 2024 (UTC+8, Beijing Time)

VenueRoom 1502, Shing-Tung Yau Center, Yifu Architecture Building, Sipailou Campus of Southeast University, Nanjing


Inviter: Qiang Wen文强


Recent calculations based on gravitational path integrals provide strong support for the hypothesis that the entropy of Hawking radiation follows the Page curve, indicating that the underlying time evolution is unitary. In this talk I will revisit these calculations from a quantum information-theoretic perspective. Specifically, I will show that the quantum de Finetti theorem can provide insights on the precise nature of the entropy measure that is actually computed by gravitational path integrals. One of the conclusions is that this entropy is best understood as the regularised joint entropy of the radiation emitted by a collection of many identical black holes, rather than the entropy of the radiation emitted by a single black hole. There is evidence that the latter is strictly larger than the former. This would imply that in the semiclassical description, the Hawking radiation emitted by multiple black holes is correlated, even if they were prepared independently.  (Based on the joint work (https://arxiv.org/abs/2110.14653) with Renato Renner.)

About the Speaker

Dr. Jinzhao Wang is currently a postdoc at the Physics Department of Stanford University.