​(2023-12-30/31) 2023 SEUYC Forum for Young Scholars in Mathematical Physics



On behalf of Shing-Tung Yau Center of Southeast University, we are plesed to announce Forum for Young Scholars in Mathematical Physics at the end of 2023. The purpose of this forum is to promote interaction among young theoretical physicists, and to give participants an opportunity to get to know our Center at the center of Nanjing city, China. We also encourage participants to apply for faculty positions, including tenured and tenure-track positions, in our center.

Most of the forum is broadcasted by Zoom, according to China Standard Time (UTC+8). The details are:

Schedule (tentative)

Day 1: December 30 (Saturday)

TimeSpeaker and AffiliationTitle
15:15-15:30Opening remarks
15:30-16:15WU Jingxiang, Oxford, UKUnraveling Infinite Dimensional Symmetries in 4D N=1 SCFTs
16:15-17:00DUAN Zhihao, Queen Mary University London, UKTBA
17:15-18:00YAN Ziqi, Nordita, SwedenMatrix Theory Reloaded: A Worldsheet Perspective
18:15-19:00ZHANG Chi, University of Bonn, GermanyTBA
19:00-19:45HE Yifei, ENS, FranceBootstrapping gauge theories (QCD)

Day 2: December 31 (Sunday)

TimeSpeaker and AffiliationTitle
9:30-10:15GOTO Kanato, Princeton PCTS, USASubregion Algebras & Entropies in AdS/CFT
10:15-11:00PAL Sridip, Caltech, USATBA
11:15-12:00WANG Xin, KIAS, South Korea5D Wilson Loops and Topological Strings
12:00-12:45SUN Kaiwen, Uppsala University, Sweden (offline)2d CFTs, Borcherds products and hyperbolization of affine Lie algebras

The duration of each talk is 40 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions.


This forum is open to all young theoretical physicists, and no registration is needed.


Please contact Wen Qiang (wenqiang@seu.edu.cn) or Ryo Suzuki(ryosuzuki@seu.edu.cn) for any queries regarding this forum. We hope you will join us for this exciting event.