Mini-workshop on Symmetry and Interactions(Nov. 23 -24, 2019)


Mini-workshop on Symmetry and Interactions


A mathematician born in Shantou has recently made yet another international research institute at the center of Nanjing. Located on the beautiful campus, the institute will surely provide an excellent environment for your research.

We start to organize a series of mini-workshops at Shing-Tung Yau Center of Southeast University. Our goals are to interact with each other and to explore new ideas and discoveries in theoretical and mathematical physics. The theme of this mini-workshop is symmetry and interactions, including topics in quantum field theory, string theory, integrable models.

We hope all the participants to enjoy and to be inspired by the mini-workshop. Please feel free to tell any comments, concerns and complaints to the organizers as our opportunities for improvement.

Invited speakers

Chen, Hui-Huang (Jiangxi Normal)

Hatsuda, Yasuyuki (Rikkyo)

Polyakov, Dmitry (Sichuan) 

Tsuboi, Zengo (Far Eastern Federal)

Yamaguchi, Satoshi (Osaka)

Zhou, Yang (Fudan)