Associate professor
GU Jie 顾杰
GU Jie 顾杰

Curriculum Vitae


2021–Present    Associate Professor       Shing-Tung Yau Center and School of Physics, Southeast University

20182021        Postdoc                          Department of theoretical physics, University of Geneva, Geneva,Switzerland.

2015–2018        Postdoc                          Laboratoire de physique théorique, Ecole normale supérieure, Paris, France.


20112015         Ph.D.                             University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany.

20092011         Master                           University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany.

20042008         Bachelor                        Peking University, Beijing, China.


Topological string, supersymmetric field theory, non-perturbative effects in quantum field theory, matrix models, and etc. Recently he’s interested in using various tools, including topological string theory, resurgence theory, to compute BPS invariants of supersymmetric field theoeries.

Honors and Awards



ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4472-8477

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Published Papers:

19. Stavros Garoufalidis, Jie Gu, Marcos Marino, The resurgent structure of quantum knot invariants, Commun. Math. Phys. 386, 469493 (2021), arXiv:2007.10190 [hep-th]

18. Jie Gu, Babak Haghighat, Albrecht Klemm, Kaiwen Sun, Xin Wang, Elliptic blowup equations for 6d SCFTs. IV: Matters, JHEP 90 (2021), arXiv:2006.03030 [hep-th]

17. Jie Gu, Babak Haghighat, Albrecht Klemm, Kaiwen Sun, Xin Wang, Elliptic blowup equations for 6d SCFTs. Part III. E-strings, M-strings and chains, JHEP 07 (2020) 135, arXiv:1911.11724 [hep-th]

16. Alba Grassi, Jie Gu, Marcos Mariño, Non-perturbative approaches to the quantum Seiberg-Witten curve, JHEP 07 (2020) 106, arXiv:1908.07065 [hep-th]

15. Jie Gu, Albrecht Klemm, Kaiwen Sun, Xin Wang, Elliptic blowup equations for 6d SCFTs. Part II. Exceptional cases, JHEP 12 (2019) 039, arXiv:1905.00864 [hep-th]

14. Jie Gu, Babak Haghighat, Kaiwen Sun, Xin Wang, Blowup equations for 6d SCFTs. I, JHEP 03 (2019) 002, arXiv:1811.02577 [hep-th]

13. Zhihao Duan, Jie Gu, Amir-Kian Kashani-Poor, Computing the elliptic genus of higher rank E-strings from genus 0 GW invariants, JHEP 03 (2019) 078, arXiv:1810.01280 [hep-th]

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1. Manuel Drees, Jie Gu, Enhanced one-loop corrections to WIMP annihilation and their thermal relic density in the coannihilation region, Phys. Rev. D 87 (2013) 6, arXiv:1301.1350 [hep-th] 


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