Postdoctoral position in string theory group 弦理论组博士后招聘

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String theory group at Shing-Tung Yau Center of Southeast University invites application to postdoctoral positions starting in 2020, in the all research areas of high-energy and mathematical physics. Applicants who have overlapping research interest with our group members will be preferred.

Our center is a recently-created research institute working on mathematics and physics in Nanjing, China. The current group members are Ryo Suzuki, Wen Qiang and Xu Jianfei. We are also in close interaction with the faculty in mathematics. More information can be found at the official page ( as well as the string group website (


The duration of the postdoctoral position is 2+1 years, with the third year depending on the financial situations. We provide a competitive salary, research grant, and start-up fund.

The applicants must submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, list of publications, research statement, and arrange three reference letters submitted through the Academic Jobs Online website ( There is no application deadline, but the selection starts in January 2020, open until filled.

Any questions about this job posting should be sent to Ryo Suzuki <> or Wen Qiang <>.